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JavaScript library for visualizing biological sequences and related data.

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What you can do?

Sequence annotations

Protael makes it easy to visualize sequence features and annotations.

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MSA viewer

Embed zoomable multiple sequence alignments into your pages with minimal efforts.

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Quantitative data

Add graphs (secondary structure prediction, conservation indexes, hydrophobicity etc.) to display.

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Why use Protael?

Save time

With almost no setup your visualization will be up and running.

Export images

Export publication-quality vector images (SVG) with a single button click.

Customize behavior

Everything is a DOM element - use JavaScript to add your own actions.

CSS Support

Easily style any object with CSS and SVG attributes.

Add markers

Mark specific residues with predefined or custom markers.


Protael generates scalable vector graphics that would look great on any display at any zoom level.

Using it?

How to cite

Our paper "Protael: protein data visualization library for the web" was accepted for publication in Bioinformatics journal.

Mayya Sedova, Lukasz Jaroszewski, and Adam Godzik
Protael: protein data visualization library for the web.
Bioinformatics (2015) doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btv605

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